a NEW and Hassle Free CAPTCHA


Easy to implement. Easy to customize.

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The CAPTCHA Dilemma?

To utilize CAPTCHA or not? Is there really any debate on this issue? No doubt you have been frustrated by a CAPTCHA at some point! A couple of words with distorted letters that are challenging to read. They need to protect against the malicious “bot” applications aimed at unauthorized login attempt and identity theft.

Many people simply give up and leave the website if they cannot correctly complete the CAPTCHA which is presented. Its final but critical step has been a sore spot for the Internet users and website administrators all over the world. That is until now...


Our patented and unique solution clearly attacks the weaknesses of present day CAPTCHA. Namely, unreadable and distorted characters irritate and lead the visitors to navigate away from the websites. The Capy solution is all about SECURITY and DESIGN, which reinvents this step as something incredibly smooth, efficient, fun and most importantly hassle free! All of this can be done without compromising the integrity and security. Our “Hassle-Free CAPTCHA” will truly meet the needs of both visitors and owners of the website.

Best of all, our system is compatible with not only PC users but also smartphone and tablet users. Verification on such devices can NOW be completed with just a swipe of a finger.

Interested to learn HOW IT WORKS? Give our DEMO a whirl!

Easy to Implement and Customize

Getting started with Capy is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. Our system is available to major development platforms including Wordpress, PHP, Ruby and Python. You can also customize the images of the puzzles your users see and interact with during that ever-important verification step. Now, your website is completely in line with the way you want it to be. Furthermore, website visitors can enjoy the final step in a unique and engaging manner. Add it all up and you can have consistency in website image, effect and feel from start to finish.