Is it possible to try it for free?

Yes, we do have a Professional account that allows for 10,000 free trials within a 30 day period. This offer will not last forever, so hurry and start your free trial soon!

Can you change the image used for the background of the puzzle CAPTCHA?

Yes, Professional and Enterprise accounts allow you to customize the CAPTCHA as you like. You simply need to go on the control page to upload and edit your images.

Is there any technical support?

Yes, customers on the Enterprise account will receive technical support via email or phone.

I’m worried about the security.

Don’t worry. The original Text CAPTCHA that has been used up until now can be easily broken using OCR techniques. Differing from this method, Capy CAPTCHA requires sophisticated image analysis to be broken. Moreover, we have many different types of systems that can distinguish human beings from bots by using techniques unique to Capy. Therefore hackers must break through a multitude of barriers.

Can you adjust the security level?

We have six different levels of security that customers can choose from. Depending on where you would like the CAPTCHA to be installed, you can choose the most appropriate security level to either strengthen the security or to make it easier for users to operate.

Can you install CAPTCHAs in different places with only one account?

Yes, several CAPTCHAs can be created on the control page and each CAPTCHA will have a different JavaScript code. By placing each code in a separate designated area, the settings can be changed and traffic can be checked with respect to each individual CAPTCHA.

I would like to request an estimate

You can make a rough estimate by emailing us with the monthly page view count of the location planned for installation, or with an estimate of the number of CAPTCHA displays. If you don’t know either of the numbers, you can estimate the view count by placing an automatic JavaScript counter in the page. The counter will be available once you create an account.

Can you use logos or letters instead of a puzzle piece?

Yes, you can replace the default puzzle piece with an uploaded picture. To do so, you need to prepare transparent PNG images or choose a transparent color after uploading images. *For Professional and Enterprise only.

Does it work on smartphones too?

Of course. We already have tested validation on PC, smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with all kinds of browsers.

I want to observe the impact after introducing CAPTCHA

You are able to observe the utilization condition on the control page everyday. On the traffic page, you can see the number of displays, trials, successes, fails, and the time that the last CAPTCHA appeared.

Can you adjust the size of CAPTCHA?

Yes, you can change the size of CAPTCHA on the control page. If there is no specified size, it adjusts according to the size of the image used on the CAPTCHA. For smaller devices such as smartphones, it appears smaller.

Does it work on PC?

Of course. You can move the puzzle piece by dragging it with a mouse. If it’s a touch device, you just scroll over the image with your finger.