Puzzle Captcha


Capy Puzzle CAPTCHA

Full cover on “password brute-force attacks” which repeatedly try logins with illegally obtained IDs and passwords. Prevent from spam bot (automatic program by computer) attack. Achieved to decrease 10% in termination rate compared to conventional text-style.

The latest authentication technology that hard on bots, easy on humans.

4 reasons why Capy Puzzle CAPTCHA is good for you.

Prevent spam bots

Easy for humans but hard for computers. Adopting a mechanism like that made possible only humans can login.

Less than 30-minute easy implementation.

We provide SaaS for our solution, so easy initial setup and no maintenance needed.

Freedom to customize on background image and even puzzle pieces.

Background image and puzzle pieces can be totally customized, so your website is completely in line with the way you want it to be. You can have consistency in website image, effect and feel from start to finish.

Observe the website condition under statistic data.

Observe website “health condition” by graphical statistic data. Learn hacker’s attack routine and secure your website even more.

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