Risk-Based Authentication


Capy Risk-Based Authentication

An authentication system which takes into account the profile of each user requesting access to the system to determine the history and “who they are” from the routine of the daily access associated with that transaction. This detects spoof logins in advance and prevents any unauthorized logins.

4 reasons why Capy Risk-based Authentication is good for you

Effective for spoof logins by humans.

Capable to prevent not only bot attacks, spoof logins by humans.

Less than 30-minute easy implementation.

We provide SaaS for our solution, so easy initial setup and no maintenance needed.

Analyze user's login history

Capy analyze user's login history, and detect malicious login attempts in anytime hackers trying to attack your login page.

No initial cost. Lowest cost in industry.

Say goodbye to high cost security services. Capy offers best solution at reasonable price.

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